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What Would Happen if the Earth Stopped Spinning?

It sounds something like a Science-fiction Movie that the Earth stops spinning overnight, to put it straight forward, the results from this would be terrible. We’ll discover some of those drastic effects, but suppose if the Earth gradually stops its rotation and gradually becomes halt, the result would be different, but evenly catastrophic for all forms of life including us.

Things to Worry about if the World Stops Spinning

Science-fiction writers give us clue about facts that may take place if spinning of Earth stops, but it is confirmed that results will have an intense effect on life existing on Earth.

If the spinning of Earth stopped we would lose the “bulge effect” at the equator on our oceans. As a result, the world’s oceans would flood the top and foundation of the planet leaving land around the equator. This would result in two great Polar-oceans and creation of new mega-continent around side the equator which sounds quite horrifying.

If the spinning rEarth stopped result would be that we have six months of sunlight and of course six months of darkness every year. It’s similar to what you see at the poles and now imagines same across the planet earth. I guess some evergreens may survive but most of the plants would not endure on land. That would essentially undercut our food chain and breathing procedure globally.

Sea animals in the ocean might have survival problem, of course, they are also dependent on plant life through algae to continue their food-chain, so algae and other aquatic plants to survive in “new Earth” would be an immediate challenge.

If the Earth’s spinning stopped this might affect our magnetosphere. Strangely, this may result in a devastating effect on earth. It is possible that we might have to survive a single day that would last a year; eternal light and darkness of months and an immense disorder of life’s food chain. And also the magnetosphere which protects us from directs bombarding of radiations on our planet from space and specifically from the sun, which cannot be bearable for one moment.

Magnetosphere image courtesy Wikipedia

Without a magnetosphere, our earth’s atmosphere can be much like it was on planet Mars. In short, without the magnetosphere, we human beings are toasts whether there will be long days or nights.

If the Earth stops spinning there is a question where does its spinning stop and end because inner core of the Earth is spinning at a faster rate, As a result, a surface has slowed down it’s spinning that doesn’t mean the core of the Earth will stop too. And after that, there’s the last conundrum, a highly volcanic planet might erupt in ways that we never imagined because of the tectonic forces from above and below entering into a new conflict.

Will the spinning of Earth stop? Yup! According to physicists prediction, it might happen a billion years from now. But if an incident like a rogue planet or freak asteroid striking the Moon that shows up, we might come across some of these events occurrences sooner rather than later. Thankfully, the chances of this incident are tremendously improbable so please sleep well. We hope you amazed from this fun scenario at what might happen if the Earth stopped spinning. If you have any other ideas or thinking, please leave us a comment in the section below.

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