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Ways to Invest in Wardrobe to be Fashionable on Budget

Fashion dictates the use of certain clothing for each season. However, there are basic fashion garments to suit all seasons like jeans that are comfortable but are not always accepted for use at work.

It is important that count with basic wardrobe items regardless of the season that will allow greater versatility when combining different styles according to the occasion for which it is seen.

Consider these points before spending money on clothes:

Brands vs. quality

Beyond the brand, what to consider when shopping, is the quality, which translates into durability thereof. Not worth buying on offer, only for the price, if not to his liking, since this behavior will result in the fortnight not render properly.

The offers

Some offers can be misleading. Sometimes the prices are low because the clothes are damaged and although so far may have the impression that you are saving, in the long run, it is more expensive because have to replace these items.

The basics

The advantage of having the “basic fashion wardrobe” is that it can be easily combined. Whether for color, texture or design, if a garment cannot be combined, then it will not be a “basic” and the investment will not have been as effective.


The basic items are necessary, but it is necessary to innovate and invest in seasonal outfits that allow combine them with the basic. It is recommended to invest 15 to 30 % of the monthly at the beginning of each season budget. This will make pay income for four months without being unfashionable.

Expensive Care

Before selecting the items to be acquired, you should always check labels carefully. There is washing and information can be identified if necessary to have a special treatment that involves sending it to the laundry.


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