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Things We Would Never Tell a Guy – We Girls Do To Look Pretty

Are you familiar with the saying “women are from Venus and men are from Mars”? I think it’s totally true. You will agree with me too once you discover these amazing beauty secrets.

If  you are around your guy right now, tell him to go and watch TV or go out with his friends. Because you need some time alone to apply these secret beauty tips. Trust me it’s for his own good 😉

Now, it is safe that you can apply these beauty tips to look beautiful and to simply amaze your guy.

Toe Shaving:

Do you shave you toe?? Well, who wants hairy toes? Usually, we girls go very easy on it when whipping out the razor at the first sign of feet hairs. We don’t even bother to have a look at our toes. But sexy girls do that. And believe me that’s the first secret of them being super sexy

Mayonnaise Hair Mask for Healthy Hairs:

In today’s life where expensive treatments and spa rule the hair care industry Mayonnaise Hair Mask is not only inexpensive but also naturally safe too and nourishing for a dry. It smells bad but it gives strength to your hairs and mixture of egg increase density of your hairs.

It moisturizes your hair, protects it from the sun, protects it from harmful styling products, restores pH balance, and helps stop breakage of your hair. So, you can do whatever hairstyle and medium length haircut you want.

Painting Over Yellowing Toenails:

No one likes and enjoys yellow toenails. Commonly, it is caused by the darker polishes which leave a stain with leftover dyes.

You can hide the unwanted yellow by applying a deliberate polish color. You should pick a nail color according to the season like what nail color is trending in summers

But never forget to apply the base coat first. It helps to protect your nail plate from staining and increase the life of your nails.

Hemorrhoid Cream For Under Eye Puffiness:

Models and celebrities have reduced wrinkles and puffiness with Hemorrhoid Cream. This stuff can quickly fix and tighten puffy areas and reduce wrinkles under eyes.

That is simple, quick and amazing. It makes you if you waked up looking fresh and boost your energy too.

Diaper Rash Cream or Toothpaste on Zits:

There are a number of home remedies and health and beauty tips about zits and how to treat them. Zinc oxide is best broad spectrum for skin protection against UVA and UVB rays as well as for treating acne.

People use diaper rash cream on their faces to treat acne. As for diaper, the rash cream contains Zinc oxide. Which have very high healing power you will notice that your acne will be get healed by next day. It is said by many doctors that “Zinc is a natural skin healer”.

Pepto-Bismol Face Mask:

That bottle of famous pink liquid that has been used by our mothers and grandmothers for a tummy ache. It is now also used for preventing and clearing blemishes effectively.

The Pepto-Bismol face mask contains beta hydroxyl acid that helps to reduce redness of the skin and shrink pores.  Your skin will glow even when you put makeup. Give it a try 😛

Dry Shampoo

Everyone is so busy in their lives and not everyone has that much time to wash and rinse their hairs every morning. After all, that is a very lengthy process of waiting for heating and styling. In that case, Dry Shampoo is the best solution.

Dry shampoo soaks up oil, water free, clean your hairs and leaves you fresh like you just had a bath or washed and rinsed your hairs. So, you can do whatever hairstyle you want and there are no worries of the length of your hairs if you got long or medium length haircuts. Dry Shampoo is a simple solution.

Thank you Dry shampoo.


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