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The Walking Dead: Will it Rise up again?

The Walking Dead is a series that surprises, though not always for the right reasons.

The Walking Dead Season 7 has been heavily criticized, being more and more hated by fans. Unfortunately, it is not only on social networks that people express their anger but also in their actions.

On the global, the series lost 600,000 fans. A question then arises: will the series still see its hearings down each week? One thing is certain in any case, the series has achieved its worst score since … season 3, or four years!

Glenn became the second victim of Negan at the premiere of the seventh season of The Walking Dead and although his death is heartbreaking for how it happened, the character is a surmountable trauma because it does not affect the core of the zombie drama.

In the case of Rick, Glenn was his friend since the first season of The Walking Dead and therefore cannot ignore the terrible way in which he was killed. Now it is mandatory to go to war as in the comic book that becomes the largest in the history of the series.

What will happen to Maggie?

Maggie lost the love of her life in circumstances not imagined. A few meters from her, Glenn finished with his head blown helplessly. In The Walking Dead, Maggie was seen suffering from the worst, not knowing where to go after Negan left.

Maggie hinted that she would go to Hilltop to check on her baby’s condition and then go after the man who murdered her husband, even though the shock spoke for her. Maggie agreed to be accompanied by Sasha, who also lost to Abraham, to the neighboring community, but first collected the bodies of their partners. They could not leave them in this place.

What will happen to Maggie now? In the short term, your heart will be destroyed, but in the long, this tragedy will be a reason for it becomes stronger if the series follows the line of Robert Kirkman’s comic.

In the original story, after Glenn’s death, Maggie leaves her friends in Alexandria and moved to Hilltop. She could not stay home because the pain of losing her husband grew stronger there. In addition, after the death of Denise, Maggie need to be near a doctor to monitor her pregnancy and Hilltop has the only gynecologist. And since this movement is logical, it will probably be repeated in the series and in the future, will it become the new leader of this community?

In the same comic, Maggie evolves as a strong figure who takes the reins of Hilltop after the sad end of Gregory.  The Greene survival has already demonstrated her gifts as a diplomat and strategist. It has also been shaped by the best: her father, Rick, and Deanna, so they can only wait for great things after a period of misfortune.

As the war against Negan is unavoidable, Maggie will surely assume responsibilities that should be Gregory’s current leader, Hilltop, and she will infect the rest of the survivors of this community to the point of rising as his new head. There is still a long stretch after Glenn’s death because he must overcome his mourning and give birth to his baby if the child is still alive.

Therefore, Glenn’s death is a tragedy, but it is a necessary mark on the even larger arc Maggie in The Walking Dead.


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