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The Significant Jewel that have robbed Kim Kardashian

They took her out of bed, tied her up and put her in the tub. The American star has suffered a robbery at gunpoint at a hotel in Paris. The spoils that have been thieves is valued at 16 million.

The news of the robbery suffered by Kim Kardashian in the Paris L’Hotel de Pourtalès has gone around the world. Robbers who were disguised as policemen and entered her room and looted her almost 16 million dollars.

Among the stolen objects there are two phones belonging to the celebrity, which may contain images and information. Most have hurt Kardashian is the theft of a ring of 4.5 million given by her husband Kanye West. This is the second wedding ring rapper bought his wife a little over a month ago. It is much more impressive than the first.

A jewel of 15 carat Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds & Fine Jewellery, Kim has looked again and again on red carpets and parties. In fact, two hours before the incident in her room, she had shown the same jewel to her followers through an appearance on her profile Snapchat. In addition, the ring was designed by West, which incorporated in the design the name of her daughter, and regardless of the price, what else matters to her is the irretrievable sentimental value.

It is not the only piece of jewellery that Kardashian lost. Assailants had a chest with other jewels of, as confirmed by the police. Although it has not disclosed the contents, the parts that were inside are of equal or greater value than the stolen ring. The American star is a jewellery lover, and diamonds and gold are among her favourites. Among her fetish pendants are one of a thick and shiny gold cocktail like jewellery and an amazing diamond necklace, which was also given by her husband.

Kim Kardashian has launched a jewellery collection couple of years ago own, Belle Noel, designed by herself. It consists of necklaces, bracelets, bracelets and rings, oriental court, they noted for its size and details. It is not the only facet of the celebrity which became popular thanks to a reality show on her own life. She is also a producer and a business woman.

Kim Kardashian was in her luxury hotel room in the capital of love, after attending the parade of Balenciaga and an outdoor party Gyvenchi.

After being locked in the bathroom and later rescued by agents of the French police, socialite decided to quickly leave the scene. She moved to the airport where she boarded a private jet, from where she moved to U.S.

The only image that has been able to capture this moment is that of Kim Kardashian, all in black, with a robe that covered her face.


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