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The Ling Gu Point: Instant Relief of Sciatica

We can practice this technique at home by pressing the area with the fingers to relieve different pains, such as those caused by the period or also headaches or back pain!

Within acupuncture, we must know that there are different vital points, which, when they are worked, contribute to the well-being and eliminate pain or illness. While attention is paid to several points during a session or treatment, some of these are more important or serve a particular ailment. On this occasion, we will talk about the Ling Gu point, which gives you immediate relief for the pains in sciatica and lumbers. Learn more in this article.

Ling Gu: a point to pay attention

The Ling Gu point, whose translation means “bone of the spirit”, can be worked daily to treat various problems, especially those related to the back. Therefore, it is the favorite of those who work in an office sitting at the desk all day. This point of acupuncture was discovered by the master Tung, a doctor of Chinese origin known in his country for the results that his patients obtained thanks to the techniques used. What sets it apart from the rest is that very few needles are used for greater effects.

Master Tung’s points had been kept secret for several generations until he decided to reveal them to a group of students. In this way, we can all access their benefits.The Ling Gu point is located at the top of the hand, more precisely between the first and second metacarpal, i.e. between the thumb and forefinger, a little above that soft sector that allows the finger joint Which is “alone”. If we place a finger of the other hand at this point, we will realize that there is a kind of gap.

This point, when worked correctly, quickly relieves pain in sciatica and lower back. That pain so horrible that it leaves the lower back and extends up to the leg, and that does not allow to make any movement with normality. In order for the effect to be as expected, the needle should be placed in the opposite Ling Gu point. That is, if the pain goes down the right leg, you should work on the left hand. In 75% of cases, the person enjoys relief in a few minutes. This point is also used in other back pains, as well as headaches and feet, menstrual and Bell’s palsies. It is such a strong point that it should not even be brushed when a woman is pregnant because it can induce labor.

In 75% of cases, the person enjoys relief in a few minutes. This point is also used in other back pains, as well as headaches and feet, menstrual and Bell’s palsies. It is such a strong point that it should not even be brushed when a woman is pregnant because it can induce labor.

Pain can be relieved by a squeeze in the hand

According to experts in the Ling Gu point (also known as Hegu), by applying pressure in this place between the thumb and forefinger can relieve anxiety and back pain, especially the sciatic, as well as Headache and dental. Acupuncturists treat this point with needles, but we can also do so by exerting some pressure on the spot.

Of the more than 300 points that are in the body according to Chinese acupuncture, treatment in Ling Gu point seems to be one of the most useful, especially for relieving pain in the spine and back. Although not enough studies have been done to prove if this is so, the truth is that traditional Asian medicine has been among the “preferred” for hundreds of years.

It is not known exactly how Ling Gu point works. A recent study of acupuncture needle treatment in the hands indicates that it increases blood flow and that is why it has the ability to relieve pain. Other research suggests that it works by stimulating the production of endorphins, hormones known as natural painkillers.

Acupuncturists usually work the Ling Gu point as part of a customized program for treating sores, which includes a variety of other spots throughout the body. For example, the points that should be treated in a patient with anxiety disorders are different than those that are used to treat someone with menstrual pain. However, Ling Gu is probably a common denominator in both treatments.

To manipulate your own point Ling Gu, acupuncturists explain that you should place a finger on the fleshy part that exists between the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand. Place your index finger on the other side of the hand and press hard. If you do it right, it will hurt. One or two minutes may be enough, but the benefits begin to appear at 20 or 40 minutes of constant pressure. If you do not have any relief with the pressure in one hand, try the other.

The idea is that you can do this treatment or technique alone, when you are at home, in the office or traveling to work on the bus. It is not recommended to use the needles without the proper knowledge or without the supervision of an expert. By putting pressure on the Ling Gu point, you can get improvements when your back hurts or sciatica, also head or belly for the period. Try to do it for half an hour and do not wait until you can no longer suffer from pain in the spine.

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