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Tech trends to Lookout in 2017

While 2016 saw quite of innovative new tech to the world, Will things get any enhanced in 2017? Although 2016 wasn’t much of a year of significant breakthroughs, Even the latest iPhone 7 drew groans of tediousness. Now assume some immense buzzwords of 2017 that could depict the tech battle with the vision of an un-connected world.
Here some of the new tech trends That Will Dominate 2017.

1. Rise of voice search

Voice Search in home (Image Credit: Amazon)

2016 was a demanding year for voice search control, with Google Pixel phone appearing with Google Assistant and also on Google Home, while Siri featuring on iPhones and of course how we forget about Cortana on Windows 10.

With VPAs (virtual personal assistants) now on smartphones, in homes and also on MacBooks, expect voice search that moves into new era including home, into the workplace, and probably also onto VR headsets in 2017. Cortana on HoloLens and Google glass could be the first example.

2. Growth of OLED tech

OLED TV (Image Credit: Philips)

After a few years as an emerging technology for leading smartphone screens, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display technology is beginning to sink into practice for bigger and bigger TVs and monitors. However, up till now only LG Company has been producing big-screen OLED panels Displays, and mostly limiting sales of them to its other brand’s TVs.

Expect this to change in 2017 as Sony also announces its entry into the market of OLED TV. Firstly Sony decides to use LG’s OLED panels, but after its big-selling success, not only Sony but also renowned company Samsung seek to manufacture its own OLED panels, which is for sure future of TV technology.

3. Welcome chatbots

Featuring Chatbots (Image Credit: Facebook)

We’re on the point of Artificial Intelligence in everyday routine life, with Facebook set to unleash called chatbots – better thought of as ‘conversational agents’ for Facebook Messenger.

Other messaging apps are also joining in, Viber launching its automated banking platform, and surely much more will follow.
“Chatbots will not be on individual websites, but also on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and Kik,” says Gareth Stephens, head of proposition development at GBG. “This would see a change in emphasis for customer experience representatives in many companies as their customers interact with the company through new methods … taking them away from the websites and apps, on which representatives have entire control over today, into a new world of AI chatbots for messaging services.”

4. Emergence of VPNs

Smartphones featuring VPN for online privacy (Image Credit: NordVPN)

A VPN (virtual private network) creates a protected, encrypted connection between devices and a VPN server from a service provider, therefore blocking snoopers. Imagine the VPN to transfer from tech jargon to broader public usage in 2017 as web users get a hold on data privacy to prevent hacking, snooping and identity theft.

As in the age of fast Internet and cloud computing, VPN plays the vital role in preventing significance of data misleading or being leaked.

5. More investment in AI

AI features in automobiles (Image Credit: Ford)

Artificial intelligence, of course one of the most developing technology for 2017 that will obtain much more investment as its essential parts – neural networks machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing which spread through robotics, gadgets, vehicles, mobile apps, business intelligence and virtual personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and so forth.

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