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9 Yoga Exercises for Beginners


Do you want to start doing yoga at home, and do not know which positions to begin with? I recommend you try these yoga postures for beginners, and for everyone! Remember to listen to your body, and do not do more than what you ask, do not force it. With …

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Pneumonia: Symptoms and Treatment

Pneumonia is the name given to infection of one or both lungs. To be more exact, pneumonia is an infection of the lung tissue and alveoli. Pneumonia is a non-contagious infection usually caused by bacteria, but can also be caused by viruses or fungi. What are Alveoli? To understand what …

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How to Stay Fit while Travelling for Work

Entrepreneurs constantly feel they should spend every minute to establish their business, almost always at the expense of their own health. But usually, these experiences are exhausting by the stress of moving to another country or region and this adversely affects their health. It is always advisable to consult your …

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Regular Exercise Keeps You Fit


According to Expertise different types of Exercise are trending!! Regular Exercise has a lot of health assistance than you think. Regular exercise will keep you fit not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It helps you feel fresh in the morning, falling more quickly asleep at nights, deep and …

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