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Prometheus will have Two Sequels after Alien Covenant

The sequel to Prometheus changed its title to “Alien: Covenant” and it will have two more episodes.
The sequel to Prometheus renamed! Long ago, the director Ridley Scott said the second instalment of the film starring Noomi Rapace be titled Alien: Paradise Lost, but the director has decided to rename and revealed this information during the AFI Film. In addition, Scott has also told he was working on the script of the sequel.


At the moment, Alien: Covenant still has no release date, but confirmed the return of Michael Fassbender in the role of David and Noomi Rapace, who played the protagonist of Prometheus Elizabeth Shaw. Moreover, as Scott also revealed recently, the sequel will reveal who created the Aliens.

Ridley Scott’s plan to take what was shown in Prometheus is much more ambitious than we thought.
Since many of us spoke with the director trying to find out anything about Alien Covenant.
Scott confirmed that their next film and that filming will begin in February 2016 but so far had reserved an important information: has in mind three sequels!

In a recent interview, he was asked if the story of ‘Prometheus’ connected with ‘Alien’ and the response of Ridley Scott was.

“Yes, but will not be in the next will be in the next after or maybe even a fourth film when we return to the Alien saga.”

Before you send him to hell, read his idea of Prometheus saga because, if successful, the result can be very interesting, at least for fans.

“The whole point of this is to explain the Alien franchise, the how and why the creation of Alien happened. I always saw him as a kind of bacterial war. I always thought that the original ship, which called Croissant, was a Gunship, leading to these biomechanical creatures whose purpose is destruction.”


For now, nothing is known about the plot of Alien Covenant more that will serve as a sequel to the events we saw in the first part, in which we learned that bald and extremely pale as the image below men are very involved in the birth of xenomorfos, among other things.

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