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Perfect Attire for Slim Guys

Thin men often have trouble in getting dressed. Many of them probably wondering how to look good without looking too skinny?

The answer is to find and choose appropriate clothes:

Shirts and Sweaters

Thin men should always opt for shirts and sweaters that are closed or crew neck. It is not a good idea to use open neckline or V-necks because exposing your body and neck also accentuate the outstanding features of your face as the cheeks or nose. Turtleneck sweaters are most suitable for thin men.

Jackets and Coats


It is very important to recommend to all thin men who always use double-breasted jackets which fall just below the thigh. Always try to find a jacket that fits well in all parts of your body. If it is lost, just send it to the tailor and fix it to your exact measurement.

To add volume to your body, I suggest finding small shoulder pads that perfectly fit your body and also implement textures like corduroy, tweed or wool.



Never use dark colors very often because dark shades are slimming colors. Always opt for a three-piece suit: pants, jacket, and vest. The most favorable colors for a thin man are brown, gray, cream and light blue.


I do not recommend light fabrics because it highlights a more waiver, however, heavy and thick fabrics make your body look chubby.

Suitable Jackets

Opt for jackets with small shoulder pads and four buttons. To give your body width, the bottom button of your jacket should be unbuttoned. Believe it or not, those jackets which have rounded narrow lapel, they are perfect for widening the body.



If you want to give your legs some volume, I recommend you a nice dress pant which has clamps.

Don’t use shirts with vertical lines, because they make you look thinner, opt for the horizontal lines as it is also a good idea to wear shirts that have the wide neck and are smooth in light colors.

To avoid highlighting the weaknesses of your body, you must put aside those stretchy pants or skinny pants type, because they are designs that closely fits a bulky body. Tight pants allow you to move much comfort, but they are very tight.

To complete the outfit pick a cute leather belt and wide beautiful shoe leather and both additions should be the same color.

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