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The Ling Gu Point: Instant Relief of Sciatica

We can practice this technique at home by pressing the area with the fingers to relieve different pains, such as those caused by the period or also headaches or back pain! Within acupuncture, we must know that there are different vital points, which, when they are worked, contribute to the …

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The Most Anticipated Films of 2017

Hollywood may still be rejoicing at Oscars, but there is much to be expected of the cinema this year, especially in the area of blockbusters that, judging by the number of audiences that cram the halls, seem to be always the most profitable. Below are some of the great achievements …

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How to get things done?


It has to be one the ultimate challenges; that how to get things done and staying focused in our daily routine life, as we are living in a technology driven world. Our lives are tense and overloaded whether it is office or our home. Its challenging to manage ours tasks and time …

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