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NIOH Game | PS4-PlayStation

Nioh running on PS4 Pro debuted latest footages of the game over the weekend, courtesy of PlayStation YouTube account, providing fans another appearance at one of the greater than life bosses we’ll encounter in Nioh soon after this game hits PS4 in February this year. The new PlayStation Access footage is even available in 4K resolution, facilitate those users who own 4K or HDR-compatible TVs, a great idea of PS4 Pro to improve the game’s graphics, you won’t require a high-end television to appreciate the buttery-smooth animations rather it made possible by the improved hardware of PS4.

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There will be various challenges to derail those who trying to complete Nioh when it debuts this year, but at least a low frame rate won’t be one of them. The few new enemies might spot in the new Nioh footage for those who haven’t been keeping a close eye on development.

Nioh is an upcoming PlayStation 4 gaming sensation with some interesting changes. Using different levels in a game rather than an open world reality, In Nioh players pits against humans and ghostlike beings similar in early 17th century Japan.

Team Ninja is once again providing you the chance to try demo game version for free. According to Polygon, it will be an extended version of the demo shown at the PlayStation Experience held in 2016, and the top players out there will be able to lock some of the in-game items for the final game’s release if they are proficient of completing certain rounds of missions.

For an early preview at Nioh, containing one of the many bosses that we’ll face during the campaign, take out some moment to watch the new gameplay footage from PlayStation Access. In the comment section let us know if you’re preparing to pick up a PS4 Pro before Nioh hits in store early this year.

Although accessible to preload, the trial version is available for you to play now and will conclude being playable later on January 22.Nioh

Finally,  is all set to launch exclusively on the PS4 on February 7, 2017, While that isn’t the longest game demo that we’ve ever seen a developer put out there, you won’t have to wait long to play the real incredible thing.

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