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Men Who Dress Casual and Look Great

The trends that move along the theme of how to dress casual, always differ from each other and the truth in Dressing Well we believe that there are no bad ways to dress, there are wrong ways to combine, or to use silhouettes in clothes that do not They are chords, but in general one can vary by different styles and consider their own way of dressing.

For a casual look, the most important thing is to be bold, mix colors, use different clothes such as vests, jackets, scarves, shorts, blazers, and other items that are not so common in your closet. The colors that you can mix here are not easy to determine, so we advise you to always wear a neutral garment, and the rest you combine depending on your style and skin color, for white people, we think they are better with neutral colors and mixed with bright colors, for people of dark skin tone, they can dress in pastel colors, they can use bright colors however with pastel colors to highlight their skin color.

In the way of dressing is much the way we are, there is a way of dressing extroverted, introverted, timid, there is a cheerful way of dressing, remember to always feel very good with what you wear so you will take your way of being to the way you dress.


These are some of our recommendations, different types of colors, there is a lot of jackets that you can use, and you can venture to use new colors and styles.


For these garments there are many recommendations, however, the idea is that you can combine well your style, skin color and silhouette, here we recommend some clothes that sure look good. In dressing well we recommend long-sleeved shirts, they are versatile and if you want you can fold the sleeves that look like a short-sleeved shirt. We think that short-sleeved shirts no longer require much attention and you can enrich a lot your presentation in this way.

T-shirts and Polos

You will be presentable almost for any situation and the best thing is that it is very comfortable at the same time. The colors of a single background help a lot to mix with a jacket and shoes. If you want to add some spunk, you can wear striped shirts, checkered or patterned, but then try that your accessories tend to be neutral.


Pant is a topic that most men solve with blue jeans, and although it is not wrong, we can generate many more mixtures and we can risk using different colors. Keep using your Jeans just try to vary your closet with colored pants. Jeans is an ideal garment that you can always use, remember that it is important to verify what type of silhouette fits you best, some men wear bell boots, although we do not recommend using this type of outline, you can use straight cuts, tight leg and tight boot, use the high shot or use a long shot, everything depends on the shape of your body. You can wear shoes that contrast with your pants and you look very alternative and casual at the same time.


In the theme of shoes, we can define that always black and brown colors are going to be leaders of the trend, the shape of the shoe or the tennis that you use depends on a lot on the style you want to form, although we give you some recommendations you can choose between the varieties that exist.

There are thousands of styles that are also very good, and that you can vary among them, always try not to mix lines of neutral colors such as having a brown jacket, coffee strap and black shoes, that kind of mixtures of neutral colors are complicated, and if you make mistakes you will not look hideous.


Always the right accessory makes your look better. A watch, a chain, a handle, scarves and many more accessories can complement your dressing. Hence, we recommend you wear a watch, this raiment gives you a lot of presence, just like a good hat to your size would be very well, just remember to be cautious with what you wear to make you look good and not like a buffoon.

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