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How to get things done?

It has to be one the ultimate challenges; that how to get things done and staying focused in our daily routine life, as we are living in a technology driven world. Our lives are tense and overloaded whether it is office or our home. Its challenging to manage ours tasks and time effectively. But staying attentive is possibly the best option for us to get things done and move on with our jobs and lives. So in this article, we point out how do we remain focused and how to get things done?

Eliminate notorious distractions

If you need to get your work done explicitly on time, then you have to get a break and disconnect from technology world. Turn off or mute your notifications and reminders of emails or tweets etc. Take control of all communication and social media you have and only go back to them when you are prepared to spend time there, or it is intently important. Although it’s not good to get notifications – as human beings are not strong enough to remember all stuff and impose to ignore these teasers.

Focus on one thing

Wise words from a knowing man “He who chases two rabbits catches none” – Confucius. Most of us will relate it rather chasing a dozen rabbits at the same time and also a couple of elephants. But if we are wise enough and follow the words of Confucius we will get done more and also attain our goals quickly. If you are working on more than one thing at a time, this will waste your valuable time. In this case when we switch from one job to another, it will consume our brain time to readapt and concentrate on the second task and as a result, our precious time is lost in the changeover. Therefore, a reality of being that multitasking person is a productivity nightmare.

Calm your mind

One of our biggest distractions nowadays which stops get things done is not Facebook – that you may have thought, rather it is our own thoughts racing within our minds when we are struggling to get something done. These mischievous thoughts often attract us away from the task that we need to be done, or that irritatingly and repeatedly inform while we are working on task A or rather B or C and outcome all remain unfinished. So to get the things done don’t listen to them, take control of your thoughts and mind, redirect yourself to the task.

Ensure Exercise

As we all know that exercise generates energy and it is an important aspect of getting things were done; Exercise is also an influential way to reduce stress, as endorphins are released by our pituitary gland in order to block the feelings of pain or stress. Serotonin, it’s another chemical that released while exercising, which improves our mood and sense of happiness. Exercise is also liable for the generation of new neurons in the brain which help us to process and store information more easily.

Clarification of Goals

Being known about your goals and objectives will help you to stay focus and get the things done. As it encourages and motivate us to continue we are lacking the inspiration. If your goals are nothing then you are unable to clarify your objectives, so in order to maintain the motivation, you must ensure that what you are working on is getting you closer to your goal, as leading to your objective maybe reduce stress and induce calm.

Simplify your Life

The more we simplify our jobs and our lives, the more we get things done, we need to get the important tasks done, and the tasks that lead to the big picture of your future. Many of us keep busy themselves doing unnecessary tasks that are wasting their time on things that add nothing to their lives or jobs. So If you can simplify and eliminate the unnecessary task from your life you will leave with more time to emphasis on what is important, and it will also become a lot easier to maintain your daily life workload.

What other methods do you use to get things done, please share with us in the comment section below.

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