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How to Enable Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10

Virtual Touchpad, it’s actually another name of Precision Touchpad, and its functionality differs from the random touchpad because of the gestures features that it supports. Not only you can use this virtual keypad with standard ones that come with the laptop, but you can also customize it. If your Laptop doesn’t have built-in precision touchpad feature and not able to use all gestures features, then all you can do that with a Virtual touchpad.

Once you enabled, it will display a touchpad on your laptop screen which can be used just like any touchpad with left-right buttons, gesture support. And yes, if you don’t need to use the physical keyboard or need to flip it behind, then just carry your screen in hands, all it comes in very handy!
This is not enabled by default, and you may not find it in settings unless you enable it.

Steps to Enable the Virtual Touchpad:

  •  Go to Taskbar and Right click on it.
  • A context menu will open. Look for “Show touchpad button” among all cascaded menu options and click on.
  • Once you do it, on the bottom right of the taskbar an icon of the virtual touchpad, just like the virtual keyboard.
  •  Tap on that icon to get the virtual touchpad on the front.

Features of the Virtual Touchpad:

Once you enable it from the taskbar, options for the touchpad appears in the settings menu. Before you move to settings, drag touchpad to one corner which appears right in the middle and floats on everything.
Go to Settings > Devices >Mouse & Touchpad. Below a list of customization appears to the touchpad: Automatically disable it when a mouse is connected.

  • Option to change the speed of the cursor.
  • Sensitivity options of One finger / Two finger Gesture which includes:
  • Tap with a single finger for a single-click.
  • Tap with two fingers for double-click.
  • Tap twice and drag to multi-select.
  • Press the lower right corner of the touchpad for the right click.
  • Drag two fingers to scroll down or up. You can also change the scrolling direction (down to scroll or up to scroll)
  • Pinch to zoom.

Options for Three-finger gestures:

  • Move Up for Multitasking view
  • Move Down for Show Desktop.
  • Move Right or Left to switch apps.

Options for Four-finger gestures:

  • Swipes to show desktop or to switch desktop
  • Swipe Up for Multitasking view
  • Swipe Down for Show Desktop.
  • Swipe Left or Right to Switch Desktop

Advanced Gesture Settings:

The amazing thing about the Virtual touchpad on Windows 10 is that it allows you to customize each and every gesture for the touchpad, Look for “Advanced Gesture configuration” in the touchpad settings. Open it, and you will have all option to change every gesture to something else you want. It allows you to change three and four finger gestures according to what requires you best.

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