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Game of Thrones: What Will Happen in the Next Season?

We have clinched the sixth season, it’s time to start with theories, speculations, and rumors that will happen in the seventh installment of Game of Thrones. The game board changes facing new chapters after winter winds and some other key factors that could be developed in the next season.

Daenerys, quite close to the Iron Throne

Daenerys Targaryen is very close to getting her coveted crown that makes her the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. After six seasons of comings and goings, the Khaleesi left free to disembark in west cities with a fleet of epic proportions and three dragons wanting much revelry.

Now that Dany can and ride the backs of their beasts of fire, west regions will have no choice but to surrender to the immense power of the Targaryen queen. Now, in the Seven Kingdoms, they have an ace in the sleeve against Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogo? With what surely will have Daenerys is a hand very, very smart Reina: Tyrion Lannister.

Jon Snow, a King in the North with Targaryen blood

A key factor in the final stretch of the series will be Jon Snow. After taking Winterfell, Jon Snow is proclaimed King in the North, leaving his sister Sansa in a slightly disconcerting weaving. We do not know what will happen to her. However, the plot of this character could move in two different ways.

On the one hand, it looks like Jon will lead a war against the White Walkers in order to protect the North and the rest of the West. Another way would be that was involved in a kind of Clash of Kings 2.0, starring in a new war like the one experienced in the War of the Five Kings.

Revenge, the most lethal weapon

Revenge has been a recurring sentiment throughout the HBO series. However, it has taken hold in the last season and will continue in this way in the coming chapters. Specifically bad times for House Lannister ahead. Shares of Cersei, and the rest of her family over the years will not go unnoticed and will be punished by a dangerous new alliance: Snakes Arena Dorne and Queen of Thorns, the sole survivor of House Tyrell.

These women have prepared their vendetta against those who “always pay their debts,” and it will have the help of Lord Varys, popularly known as the Spider. The plans are an enigma, but everything points to them, fulfilling the premonition of the witch who predicted the death of the current Queen of the West and her three children. It is also true that the Serpents of the Arena and the Queen of Thorns could go first to Jaime.

Does the resurgence of Stark?

We all thought that the Stark House was in the past, but nothing to do. Although Rickon suffered the same fate as his father, his mother, and his brother, the rest of his brothers still have a chance to do justice. While Bran leaves the cold North and approaches to Winterfell to warn of what is coming, Sansa could star in a major confrontation with Jon for its privileged position, clearly influenced by Littlefinger.

Hopefully stay together and avenge her family as everyone expects. Now that winter has arrived, it is up to Starks rise from the ashes and demand justice





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