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Everything We Know About the Seventh Season of Game of Thrones  


At last! Here is the release date for the seventh season of Game of Thrones!

This is the information that all Westeros fans were waiting for! Last week HBO released a teaser and the release date of the seventh season of Game of Thrones. However, the spectators had to wait until, with the help of the fire, a block of ice melted to reveal the date:

Well, the wait was worth it! Because now we know that the premiere will be the … July 16, 2017.

As it is known, “Game of Thrones” usually premieres its seasons in April. However, the creators of the fiction, David Beniof and Dan Weiss, decided to postpone this 2017. The reason … The series started late to record because “at the end of the sixth season the winter has arrived and the climate in Europe (where the fiction is recorded) would not benefit them.”

Winter does not arrive long enough in Westeros and as we prepare for the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones – at some point in the summer – we have decided to gather all the information released so far so that you have a guide.

We have decided NOT to include the alleged leaks of the plot that would only ruin the viewer’s experience, if true. That said, this article does include some breakthroughs, production data and – of course – spoilers of everything that has happened in the series so far. You have been warned.

As in other years, the series is being filmed in Northern Ireland, Spain, and Iceland. We also know that filming will last five months, as in other years. This has made some speculate that the amount of content we will receive this season will be the same as last years, only delivered in fewer weeks.

On the other hand, Liam Cunningham suggested that some who had not met before will meet, for the first time, in season seven. “It was interesting to meet the people I normally only see on the red carpets,” he said, without specifying who he was referring to. “Who I speak of and when that will happen remains to be seen.”

So far, those are all the details, but that has not stopped us in making a lot of predictions about what could happen. In addition, if you can take the word from actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) as a reference, she was quite surprised to finish reading the script and said “nothing will prepare us for what is coming.”

The Plot

A long time ago, one of the showrunners of the series, DB Weiss said that much of the season will try to “find out who Cersei is and what he is thinking”. But of course, Cersei will not be the only one to get the attention, however much she wants it.

In the same interview, David Benioff said the female characters will play a central role in the seventh season. “One of the funniest things about working with the world that George has created is that almost all the interesting and formidable characters are women. The obstacles that exist between them and what they want are much bigger than those we face in our whole life “.

New Characters

A casting call revealed 9 characters to come in Game of Thrones, including a general, a father, a warrior, two guards and a merchant. Interestingly, most of the papers required an RP accent (a neutral British accent) which could indicate that many of these papers will be located or related to King’s Landing.

We will continue to update this document as more news releases.

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