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Elon Musk SpaceX : What is SpaceX mission?

Elon Musk and his Vision

Elon Musk, A South African entrepreneur is well known as a founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, who launched a landmark commercial spacecraft back in 2012. Elon Musk is the man with a dream for a human mission to planet Mars, and he shared his vision at the International Astronautical Conference held in Mexico, with a talk agenda “Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species.” On-stage, Musk delivered that there are two paths ahead for humanity: Either stay on Earth and surrender to extinction or colonize other planets Mars, he said, it is the best bet for success, considering its closeness to Earth and its similarities to humanity’s home planet.

Musk has a vast model with an idea of colonizing Mars, under the banner of space transport service named SpaceX, he’s promised earlier to land an unmanned Dragon capsule on the planet by 2018 and send humans to space by 2024. SpaceX has already launched and effectively tested the Raptor rocket engine for the journey, it’s a methane fuel-powered machine which is more powerful than any other rocket existed on Earth. Raptor rockets produce approximately 680,000 pounds of thrust, which is more than three times the amount generated by the Falcon 9.

SpaceX Dragon Landing

Musk projected that, while using traditional approaches, it would cost nearly $10 billion per person to travel to Mars, and he needs this figure to drop down to roughly $200,000 per person. Ultimately, the cost of a planet Mar will be below $100,000, Musk argued. A big part of lowering that cost is making spaceships with reusable parts, as Musk said.

Initially, Mars trips will take about 100 people at a time at Mars, but Musk expected that number and the size of each ship to be a rise in due time. The ITS (Interplanetary Transport System) itself will be a fun place, as Musk describes it, welcoming rooms featuring zero-gravity, a cafeteria, movie areas and other entertainment options. It’ll take just a few days of training to prepare candidates for a trip to Mars.

Musk said.”This is not what it might look like — this is what we plan to make it look like,” Musk said at ITS explanation video published earlier.

What is SpaceX Plans?

SpaceX plans to take off a future Mars mission from the Kennedy Space Center. Musk exposed a timeline for SpaceX Mars missions that includes ship, booster and orbital testing in the beginning of 2018, and revealed actual Mars flights by the end of 2022. The company still plans to send Dragon capsules to Mars which is beginning in 2018, with the objective of launching additional capsules at a regular pace.

NASA and SpaceX have a venerable relationship — SpaceX rockets often resupply the Int’l Space Station and NASA is generally supportive of the initiatives of company’s commercial space flight.
That initiative seems humans landing on an asteroid by 2025 and finally touch down on Mars itself in the 2030s. However Musk didn’t get into particulars, a tweet reveals that there’s definitely some kind of deal going on between SpaceX and NASA.

However, these two giants are strong leaders in the market of Mars-colonization, although some other companies are attempting to make the journey as well.

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