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Diet for Women Over 40

Staying healthy after age 40 should be a top priority for every adult woman. As you get older, your body needs more care to cope with health risks. Proper intake of nutrients is essential to ensure the well-being of the body, which in turn will help to ensure mental health and maintain a good self-esteem in the face of the challenges of the 40’s. So we recommend:

To begin with, it is essential to be at a healthy weight. In order to maintain a constant weight, it is necessary to preserve the energy balance, that is, to have a balance between the ingested and the spent calories. For this, the habit of physical activity is an indisputable and necessary factor. In addition to helping maintain weight, exercise improves bone health by helping to prevent osteoporosis and other diseases such as dyslipidemias and glucose intolerance to name a few.


Increase the consumption of vegetables

You can prepare healthy snacks with them, for example jicama or chopped carrot with Chiles and lemon, or a dish of green leafy salad with tomatoes and asparagus can be an excellent choice for dinner. While the jicama contains compounds such as allicin, which has an anti-cancer effect and improves blood pressure, the carrot is a source of beta-carotene, which helps you maintain healthy skin and vision, help eliminate free radicals and are necessary to promote the formation of collagen.

Eat at least 5 servings of fruit throughout the day

Fruits are excellent sources of various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, such as guava, orange and mandarin contain vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and promotes cancer prevention. On the other hand, fruits such as strawberry, apple and watermelon contain compounds such as lycopene, ellagic acid and quercetin, which have been associated with reducing cancer risk, lowering blood pressure and controlling cholesterol levels as well the elimination of free radicals that oxidize and damage the cells of women after 40 years.

Add one serving of unsaturated fat daily to your diet

This type of fat contains protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. Choose one of the following options for each day:

Eat legumes three times a week

Legumes such as beans, lentils and soybeans are an excellent source of fiber and protein. Although soybeans contain more concentration, legumes generally contain phytoestrogens, a substance that simulates the action of hormones such as estrogens, which begin to decrease when the woman advances in her age. Soy also promotes the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. It is important for the body to take advantage of the benefits of soy that it is accompanied by a low-fat diet.

Consume the adequate amount of fiber and water per day

Fiber is a component of the diet that participates in the absorption of calcium. Women over 40 years old with a consumption of more than 30g of fiber present an inhibition of calcium absorption and in the long term this may favor osteoporosis. So the consumption of between 20 and 30 grams of fiber a day is the right one for them.

Remember to include 2 to 3 servings of dairy a day

Milk and its derivatives (preferably low in fat) contain calcium, a mineral that strengthens bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. It is also especially useful for relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, as well as those associated with menopause. You can also find calcium in fortified cereals, spinach, nopal, tortilla, among other foods.

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