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Brexit Referendum – Why British wants to exit EU?

Today’s Trending news in a political community is about Brexit Referendum. Now the question is, why British wants to exit European Union (EU)?

History of EU

European Union (EU) was Established After World War II, having 28 member States, 19 of which share the same currency.

What is Brexit?

Brexit stands for “British exit”, pertain to Referendum happened in the UK on 23rd-June-2016.

Why do they want to exit now?

Since 1975 United Kingdom (UK) was a member of European Union (EU), but in the last few years, things has changed. The European Union which was supposed to be the trading arrangement became the completely Political Union.

One of the reasons behind Referendum is that the UK is facing a large ratio of unemployment. The UK think if they sell their borders and get separated so they can overcome that ratio and can raise their economy.

Results Of Referendum

People unexpectedly shows a trend towards LEAVE Vote. As “David Cameron” the Prime Minister of UK addressed his state before Referendum to Vote REMAIN with the EU but beat by 51.9% vs 48.1% to LEAVE EU. There were 17, 410, 742 LEAVE Votes against REMAIN Votes that figure was 16, 141, 241.

LEAVE won!!

But, Victory of LEAVE highly affected the Pound. Pound to Dollar exchange dive enormously that people have never seen this fallen rate of Pound since 1980s.

MR. Cameron Resign:

Soon after announcing results of Referendum and Victory of LEAVE Mr. Cameron PM of UK announced his Resignation by adding “I Love this Country and I will do everything I can in future to help this great Country succeed. I do not think it would be right for me to be the captain and to take this Country to its next Destination”.

On the other side “Boris Johnson” es-mayor of London and the lead campaigner of LEAVE olley’s Brexit victory and paying tribute to David Cameron for taking a decision of stepping down.



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