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Why spend your hard earned money on some fangled new wearable gadgets to exercise when you’ve already got a Smartphone with best fitness apps in your pocket? These compact computer hosts a lot of sensors, and with the accurate selection of best fitness apps, it can be as dominant as a workout buddy or dedicated trainer.
Whether you’re finding the track of your miles, find a slight motivation, take healthier food, sleep well, or simply have some exercise, there’s probably an app for that every purpose. Fortunately, we’ve gone through the Google Play Store and bring up an in-depth collection of the free and best fitness apps for Android smartphones. Check out the precise selection of free android apps below.



Runkeeper is an amazing fitness app it’s allow you to use your Smartphone’s GPS transceiver in order to log your running tempo and distance on different routes. Users on mobile can set a goal pace additionally, and then the app will provide you audio updates to stay on running track with the tempo. Our favorite feature in Runkeeper is remained the app’s music combination, which let you listen to your music and skip any tracks within the app.




This fitness android app titled Moves automatically tracks and records your daily movements — whether you running, walking, or cycling — using your Smartphone’s GPS. It can display output data in an easy-to-read timeline that compose for an entertaining, instinctive record. It can also connect with other mobiles apps and recognizes precise importance in your life, helping you out to visualize your better routines and habits.




Argus is a precise and all-in-one fitness activity tracker that monitors all your daily routines sleep, calories, heart rate, and more. The fitness app suggests different challenges to the user overcome, as well as have the choice of to build your entire workout plan. You can even include your daily life food that you eat by scanning the bar-code which is placed on the label product to track your calories.




Runtastic is fitness app with smartphone integration, with a simple and easy user interface that doesn’t contain advanced features. This generic fitness app utilizes your smartphone’s sensors to track your metrics, such as your running distance and relative speed as well as shows your calories burned and your heart rate.




Strava is an outstanding tracking app which observes your running distance or cycling route via GPS tracking system. It check for your cardio exercises and match up with leader boards, accomplishment, and various challenges, This app also has Android Wear support that brings a competitive courage to your routine.


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