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Beautiful Medium Length Haircuts For Round Faces

Do you want to get inspired with the best medium length styles for round faces?

Let’s be honest. Not every hairstyle suits each face type. When we are talking about face types, round shaped faces have a tough job in hairstyles and haircuts. But still, there is a variety of haircuts for round faces.

Today, we are going to show you the most unique, fashionable and modern medium length hairstyles for a round face. Start practicing these looks and look like a stunner in every situation, from the office to the dance floor.

The most trendy and fashionable medium length haircuts are without a doubt, the weaves (bobs) with longer front tresses and layered trims. With a wide range of styling options and a fascinating combination, bobs are the best suit for a round face.

bob4 bob1 bob2

But what medium length haircut you should choose for your new look?

Essentially, the manageable length of hairs for round faces is up to the shoulders or a bit longer.Shorter haircuts make a face looks longer because, with long hairs, your face looks round. So, you need to balance your face with your hairs.

shoulder haircut 2 shoulder haircut 3 shoulder haircut 4 shoulder haircut 1


Choosing flicks, fringes or bangs have always been a good decision for round faces. Essentially that it highlights a unique look in which the forehead might be covered with irregular bangs.

bangs 4 bangs 1 bangs 2 bangs 3

The specialty of medium length hairstyles for round faces truly looks fabulous on the woman and young ladies disregarding their age. The hairdo is unique, popular and fashionable and can be worn with formal and casual dresses, making the face thinner and signifying the style and excellence of a modern woman.

Last but not the least.

Curls. Speaking of which, that don’t put extra volume to your hairs. Excessive volume in your curls will expand your round face unfavorably. Go for the straight hairs instead. Or ensure that your twists are not very fluffy.

curl 2 curl 3 curl 4 curls

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