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About Us

We are a team of technologists having passion for Internet marketing – Operating from Germany.

At TrendLeakers we understand the strength of digital Media. We write about trending news ranging from from Fashion, Health and Fitness, Life Style, Entertainment and Technology.

Currently, We have a team of 3 dedicated people. Each of us have their own interests and expertise. We also looking forward to expand our team. If you are a professional writer or a digital marketing guy and want to be part of TrendLeakers family – feel free to contact us, We welcome you.

Here are the profiles of our team members.

Sami Ulhaq

Sami is an entrepreneur, researcher and web developer. For TrendLeakers he is working as a chief strategist, data analyst and web administrator.

Kokab Khushboo Sami

Kokab Sami is a content writer. She loves to write about Latest Trends in Fashion, Health and Fitness and Life Style.

Arsalan Hafeez

Arslaan is responsible for SEO and Digital Marketing. He is also interested in writing on his niche of interest, which is mainly Technology.

Sulaiman Janjua

Sulaiman is a Lifestyle and entertainment blogger, social media enthusiast, philanthropist and a patriotic and proud Pakistani. He also keeps a keen eye on political happenings in the region, global health issues, technology and sports related news.