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8 Steps to Combat Workplace Stress

There are few who have not known the feeling of stress that can produce the routine work. Whether due to pressure or excessive responsibility, any job can present stressful elements. According to the American Psychological Association, the most common sources of work stress are low wages, work overload, lack of promotion opportunities, non-challenging jobs, lack of social support, or lack of control over decisions of work among others.

What are the ways to detect and overcome this syndrome? The first thing to do is find out what the problem is. Once detected you must attack it from the root.

Before going to work

  1. Measure your time well: Believe it or not, getting up late and going against the clock to get to the office on time can be a major stressor.
  2. Review your day’s tasks: Do a quick analysis of your daily responsibilities, making sure you take everything you need to cover them, so you will not have to go back for something you have forgotten, causing further stress throughout the day.

At work

  1. Plan your homework: It is important that you prioritize your responsibilities. We know that you have many things to do, however, if you do not properly organize your attention to priority, all can go wrong.
  2. Give yourself time to think: When you feel drowned by the numerous tasks to be delivered, many times we carry them out without giving them the precise attention to each of them, presenting errors in them. This situation reduces efficiency and productivity in ALL cases.
  3. Take a break: There are several companies that have rooms or kitchens where you can meet with some colleagues to distract you even 5 minutes. This activity is highly recommended as working hours without stopping will not only reduce your ability to concentrate, but your retention capacity will be diminished. A simple stretching exercise, getting up and walking around the office can dramatically reduce your mental fatigue and stress level.
  4. Organize your workplace: Unconsciously our place and work environment greatly influence our mental stability. For example, you have to deliver a project in less than 10 minutes, and even if you had it ready a week in advance, you cannot find it among the pile of papers you have on your desktop for the disorder you have in your files.
  5. Avoid distractions: You know that today is your deadline to deliver that task that you have worked so much, however, you receive 10 calls a day, of which less than half are usually personal, which causes you to run at the last moment to be able To complete it. It avoids attending personal matters as much as possible and dedicates the labor time to labor issues.
  6. Disconnect from work: We know that for many of you, completely disconnecting from work can be a great challenge, even on vacation. Well, we have tackled the issue of whether you are a workaholic or not (Find out here), however, it is one of the main points that can lead to stress to its full potential.

If you have decided to ask for vacation days, enjoy them to the fullest, leave your tasks covered in advance (as much as possible) and forget as much as possible of that work tension, we assure you that when you return you will feel much more clear mental.

In conclusion, do not let stress overwhelm you. There are many activities you can do to distract and eliminate it. On the contrary, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, exercise, read, avoid taking worries home and organize work in a rational and realistic.

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