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7 Dress Up Tips For Short Girls To Look Taller

Short young ladies are simply cute and essentially charming. That’s true that every short lady dreams and desires to look hot and taller. Trust me, it’s not that much difficult. Human eyes are so natural to fool.

If you want to look taller, you need to feel taller first. Simply be certain to stand tall. The dress you wear; the shades you choose even the necklines can make you look taller and can trick a human eye daydream of tallness.

These little hacks I am going to share will do wonders for short young ladies. These tips can give a human eye delusion of height.

Follow the little easy, simple and very helpful hacks. These tips can’t expand your height but at least makes you look and feel taller.

1)  Wear  Monochrome:

Monochrome, a fashion terminology, that means to wear separately one color that has different or same shades and textures.

If you wear the excessive number of colors, it can hide your appearance and personality. Wearing single shade from head to toe can give you the fantasy of height.



2) Try To Wear Vertical stripes:

It’s true, the power of illusion. It is believed that horizontal stripes do have the power that it makes you look wider and shorter. While vertical stripes make you look slender and taller.


 3) Wear High waist Jeans:

High waist jeans, leggings, skirts and shorts makes an optical figment. It makes your legs look longer and you look tall.


4) Avoid cropped pants:

Say NO to cropped pants. Pants that cover whole leps make you look taller and slimmer.


5) Fitted Clothing:

Any dress that is slouchy and baggy gives you a chubby look. Wear dresses that fit on your body size. So that you look slim and tall.


6) Pick Dark Color Shade:

Dark shade dresses have slimming effects. it can give you smooth and streamlined appearance. It makes your legs look long and lean.


7) Necklines:

Neckline likewise makes an illusion of height. V-necks and u-necks make an elongated outline for short young ladies. That make you look heighten.


Last but not the least “BE CONFIDENT”. Carry yours

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