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5 Wellness Trends – A must Try In Los Angeles For Better Experience

From steaming to floating, to sweating, to freezing, there is no such thing as a shortage of wellness trends in Los Angeles. In addition, the evidence of that is a list that I am going to present.

A list of 5 wellness trends that are “a must” to try for your better health in Los Angeles. I also provide recommendations for where to try them. Like best places for these wellness trends I know.


Floating is one of the best wellness trends also referred as Isolation Tanks, Float Tanks, Sensory Attenuation tank, flotation tanks or Sensory Deprivation Tanks.

Floating is really a soundproof, lightless, anti-gravity tank along with 1100 pounds of Epsom salt in 10 – 11 inches of water. This wellness trend helps you in relaxing your muscles and your mind.

These Floating sessions are of 60 minutes. I would recommend Pause Float Studio for this wellness trend and they charge like $75 per session.

If you are trying to increase your meditation practice you must try this one this is really a relaxing one.


This wellness trend is a process of exposing yourself to Ultra of a very low temperature about -200°F to -256 °F in a chamber called Cryogenic chamber.  These are short sessions about 90 seconds – 3 minutes long.

If you are trying to help with your beauty, calorie inflammation or burn, beauty, muscle recovery and cellulite reduction then this wellness trend is a perfect therapy for you.

Places I know for this wellness trend are  Cryo Healthcare and CryZone. The sessions for cryotherapy vary from $40 – $60

Group Meditation:

From women’s circle to mindfulness, to sound baths, this wellness trend offer guided neighborhood meditation courses and classes for every lifestyle.

This wellness trend makes the Group Meditation easy, interesting and inspirational for everyone from hectic skeptics to contemporary soul-seekers.

The best places I Know for Group Meditation wellness trend are Unplug Meditation and The Den Meditation. Their charges vary from $5 – %25 per class.

The V-Steam:

V-Steam is another amazing wellness trend in Los Angeles. It is the restorative healing oasis developed as a sanctuary to deliver an intensive sensory as well as a spiritual healing experience.

This wellness trend is exactly what it sounds like, a steam for your V. it is called “Chai-You” or “Voni” in Korean language that is a religious word for vagina or womb. It was made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow.

The wellness trend V-Seam is an old practice in which streaming herbs are used to detoxify the stomach, relaxation, and pampering, regulate hormones,  provide overall body wellness and aid in infertility.

Tikkun Holistic Spa is the best place for the V-Steam. They charge $50 and one session is 30 minutes long.

Infrared Saunas:

Sweat it out..!! It’s for good reason and a major moment. This wellness trend is an ancient practice to improve skin, burn calories, lift moods, deepen sleep, pain relief, detoxification, blood circulation, relaxation and change lives.
One of the best place for Infrared Saunas is Shape House. They charge $45 per session and their sessions last for 60 minutes.

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