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5-ways to wake up looking fresh in the morning

5 Ways to Wake Up Looking Fresh in the Morning

Morning routines have lots of consideration in our lives. We all outset our day at some point no matter if you are a morning bird or a night owl. We all start differently. But, to look fresh in the morning you need to do certain things before going to bed.

In this article, I am going to share my nightly routine. Sometimes my weeks have been crazier than ever but I always need a self-love time, though. And I always manage it somehow.

This article will help you, girls, to wake up 101% fresh and feel amazing.

Here we go with the 5 easy steps.

Usage of beauty products in the correct manner

I used to think that correct order doesn’t matter in beauty products. Without giving any thought to the order I used to slab on each and every layer. My dermatologist then told me that the correct order is important and it matters.

The correct order she suggested was:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Treatment (if needed)
  • Serum
  • Night cream
  • Eye cream
  • Oil

By following this order my skin always looks fresh.

Limiting food in bed hours

This can be so hard on weekdays. Nutritionist suggests that eat your last food of the day no later than 3 hours before going to bed. Because late night eating leads to weight gain.

I take my dinner early. And let my body digest it before I go to bed. So, in that manner, I always have a good night sleep.

Avoid alcohol and sugar

If I have a big day coming and I have been feeling totally exhausted then sugar treats, foods high in sat and cutting booze, in general, it’s easy. And if I am having any of these then, I have got a puffy face.

And trust me a puffy face isn’t a good way to start your day. So, avoid alcohol, sodium, and sugar.

Treatment of hands and feet

Before you go to bed just rub your night cream all over your feet and cover them with socks, thicker and bigger one. And use a deep moisturizing cream on your hands, give it few minutes to set in before you go to bed.

Try it some night and you will feel a clear difference. The next day your skin will be amazingly fresh.

Be in bed for 8-9 hours before your alarm buzz

I know it’s damn difficult on weekdays but, make it happen. If you want to look naturally fresh every morning then, give proper resting time to your body. Because, after a long day, your body needs some time to rebuild and reset.

On weekends when I am no tired I still force myself to be in the bed for 8-9 hours.

So, these 5 ways were my secret to looking fresh in the morning when I wake up. You guys share your ways in the comment section. I would love to read them.

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