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5 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Well, you are using iPhone daily and looking at it constantly, go through its number of features but on a lighter note, your iPhone still has a few more surprises to cover up.

We’re all quite aware of iPhone’s app like camera, security features, and other valuable utilities, but reading this article you can come to know about really cool features that iPhone can do.

Here there are astonishing things you didn’t know but your iPhone could do.

1. Send self-destructing messages



You can send self-destructing messages by simply setting your audio or video messages to self-destruct after two minutes time interval, or you can select for them to be permanent. Just go to Settings option > Messages and select your preference.

2.Trying to hang art or shelves?



Your iPhone has an amazing function that you must try. Just go to the apps menu click Compass and swipe to the left.

3. Apps that draining the battery most



In order to save battery for a long period, you can disable the app that using battery more often. Go to Settings option, then scroll down to select Battery and check which of your installed apps is draining up battery life and increase battery time.

4. Mute irritating group threads



Not interested into the group conversations and annoy you most of the time then just select t thread’s “Details” section, and mark that conversation thread to “Do Not Disturb.”

5. Take a creepy look at where you’ve ever been



Want to reveal to see the list of places where you’ve traveled in the past few months, just scroll to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and look upon. In iOS, there is also a function of extremely specific function, by going through that you can also explore amazing things.


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