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5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands You Need To Know About

Going Green can be done easily in many ways. Our Eco-System is more important to us. We need to be socially responsible and very sensible in that matter. We need to adopt environmentally friendly styles. Yeah, we can do Fashion not by ruining our ECO-System, but by adopting Eco-Friendly fashion.

Ethical fashion is becoming more of a high priority for designers. They think clothing can be made through fair trade agreements, locally, only organic fabrics can be selected and recycled fabrics could be used. They recognized that how sustainable fashion is important for their long lasting customers.

That is why most of the designers and brands are now focusing on Eco-Friendly Fashion. Some brands like John Patrick Organic, Honest By, Kowtow, Amour Vert, and much more are very upfront about their Eco-Friendly Fashion. They focus on style as well as sustainability.

The old, itchy and lumpy fashion has now gone. The brands now design Eco-Friendly wears, handbags, jewelry and shoes to wear because We Are What We Wear.

Here we have 5 Eco-Friendly fashion brands.

1. Eileen Fisher, USA:

Eileen Fisher wanted to create a brand with sustainable materials. She only had $350 at that time but anyway, she decided to launch her own brand because she wanted to fulfill her desire.

Eileen Fisher adopts the minimalistic approach using Eco-Friendly and sustainable materials.

34  eileen-fisher


2. Sydney Brown, USA:

Sydney Brown was having second thoughts of introducing her own brand of Eco-Friendly leather shoes. She wanted to deliver quality leather shoes an alternative to designers. She registered herself in a shoe making discipline and took up an internship in Europe in shoe factories for few years.

In 2012 in Los Angeles, Sydney Brown launched her Eco-Friendly Footwears.

Her shoes are handmade, cruelty-free and are made up of Eco-Friendly materials like sustainable and recycled uppers, reclaimed wooden sole and coconut insoles. 

sydney-brown sydney-brown-2

3. ASOS Africa:

ASOS Africa accepts fair trade regulations and their collection is Eco-Friendly and sustainable. This brand is famous for its lively colors and funky prints.

The aim of this brand is to provide reliable and sustainable Eco-Friendly fashion as well as raising awareness towards it.


4. Style Saint, USA:

To all the Earth, silk and lace loving girls.

Style Saint is a brand which focuses on quality, not quantity. Their items are sustainable and Eco-Friendly. They are devoted to making a fashion world a better place.

 style-saint-2 style-saint-3style-saint

5. London Ethnic Fashion by Londoners, UK:

London Ethnic Fashion is a group of London designers. They produce their products in the UK. Basically, they promote young designers of London. They showcase the work of their designers in fashion events like London Fashion Week and advertise them.

London Ethnic serves a foundation for young British fashion. They bring fashion that is totally sustainable and Eco-Friendly. Their brand promotes the fairtrade and ethically sourced materials.



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