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3 Trending Nail Polish Colors To Wear This Summer

Nails are something nowadays girls are more conscious about. With all the different amazing nail colors and the epic trend of nail art, they can’t pick a color or a design for summers.

All the latest trend of nail arts and awesome colors have created a buzz in the fashion industry. That attracts everyone, c, the girls and the trendsetters.

So confused to pick a color for the summers?? No worries. I am here to tell you that.

Here are 3 most cool and trending colors for the summer that every girl desires.

Mint Fresh

You feel cool and relax automatically when the word mint pops up in your mind, right?? I knew it. Well, mint is really very cool in summers. Especially when it comes with the bold blue. The combination of light green and bold blue is wonderful.

It gives you the summary feeling and reminds you of the beach days and cocktails. Aah don’t forget blue-green which we usually called sea green, looks beautiful on natural nails.

images mint fresh minty fresh 3

Navy Blue:

Navy blue nail color is the most famous color. Girls like it the most and when it comes in glitter that is just amazing.

The navy blue is dark enough to be confident but not heavy as black and gray. Our heart lies with navy blue polish, there is something so chic about it.

navy blue 2navy blue 4  navy blue 3

Blush Shades:

Blush Shades nail polishes range from sweet pink to sweet purple. The best part about these colors is that it is easy to wear and to work with.

Blush Shades are not only trending this season but also goes with absolutely everything.

blush shades 2blush shades 5 blush shades 6

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