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Top Hollywood Actors and Actresses with a Bad Reputation

Their fame is rising fast and they are becoming more vulnerable than other stars in the entertainment industry. All these are well known to have a reputation for being overpowering.

Bruce Willis


The renowned actor and loved by all. Unfortunately, Willis is unfriendly, one of those people that it is better not bump if you have a bad day. Many directors prefer him as an actor, indeed, what was his boss in ‘Cop Out’, Kevin Smith, he said that working with him was “overkill for the soul of anyone.”

Willis is able to give his own orders in movies and even angers his own co-workers. Sylvester Stallone dedicated a tweet that was addressed to him indirectly: “loafer and ambitious … a formula for failure,” he wrote.

Edward Norton


The gorgeous and brilliant actor does not make too many movies, unfortunately. The definition of talent wasted on this stupid actor.  Directors for the entertainment industry prefer not to see his face when he is rude or his mood swings.

Christian Bale


The multi-talented Hollywood actor is not as it seems. The actor has a reputation of lunatic who. It is rumored that many of his co-stars are afraid to work with, especially when you cross the wires of the head.

During the filming of Terminator Salvation, director of photography made a noise that devolved interpretation of the star. He could not hold up to five minutes and be releasing toads, snakes, and threats from his mouth.

Lindsay Lohan


The controversy has led life (or leads) Lohan, drugs, and other excesses have caused the decline of professional care. Her attitude and mood changes, combined with questionable interpretations which have made her a star. The reputation of the young actress is ruined in a while.

Russell Crowe


One of the most talented actors of Hollywood has starred in cult films like ‘Gladiator’ or ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and has earned an unquestionable reputation. But all is not gold that glitters. The actor has tainted much its image among directors for being a genuinely unbearable person in the entertainment industry.

Katherine Heigl


The pretty promise of American romantic comedy came to nothing for her little bearable character. Haughty, gossipy, stupid and ugly endless words are reputed to define her. All who have worked with her wish to jump from bridges rather than repeating the experience. Several Hollywood producers have declared that working with her “not worth not bear it.”

Kristen Stewart


The star of the blockbuster saga ‘Twilight’ seems to be a little dry, although you might think of it that can be nice. But no. she is reputed to be a sourer than lemon.


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