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10 more Apps like vShare

vShare is an app store from where you can download cracked Android, iOS(iPhone & iPad) paid or premium apps and games for free.
If some apps you can’t found on vShare, there are alternate Apps similar to vShare? In this article, we have shared the collection of vShare alternatives for Android & iOS devices.
In case you find difficult to install vShare app, you can just download i-FunBox app to install. Just launch iFunbox app and connect your iOS device. Go for iFunbox Classic tab, click on Install App button, and browse for the vShare IPA file. As a result, you install vShare app on your iPhone without any problem. Link to official vShare Market site – Here


This app is the best alternative to vShare. It is a multi-useful application that allows users to install any app or game and also share it with your friends. Zemous is available for both Android and iOS devices. And it is not compulsory to jailbreak your device. However, if your iPhone is already jailbroken, it still works and let you install apps on your device.

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2.App Cake: Cracked iOS and Mac App Store

Appcake is most downloaded app after vShare. It’s a third party app store and available for jail-broken iOS devices. You obviously need to jailbreak your iOS device to use this app. Once you did it you can download Appcake and get a plenty of apps which you can download for free. Using App Cake you can also install cracked IPA files too.

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3. 25PP:

25PP is China origin app and one of the amazing app store. Although this app is in chines language but you can overcome language barrier by using any translator or by means of google translator. 25PP app store is in chines but apps you installed on your device is in English so don’t worry about working or not, because most probably it will works.

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4. iFUNbox: File and App Management Tool

It is a File and app management tool which you can install mainly on PC or Mac. However, this software is mostly used for iOS. Using this tool you can install IPA packages from in-house distribution developer and also from Apple’s enterprise developer program. And also install .ipa files (apps or games) which are cracked by developers.

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Another interesting app on this list is iPASTORE which is on device code utility designed for iPhone and iPads. It allows users to download and install premium apps directly from their official website on bit yearly payment which is totally worth it.

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6. Aptoide:

This app store covers all the apps that you can mostly desire for. This app is considered to be the best replacement for vShare. Moreover, this app is almost ad-free and contains all essential range of apps and games which make the users astonishing. It is available on both android and iOS versions.

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7. HipStore: Free apps for iOS and Android

Hiptore is another 100% free app store which can be easily accessible on Android as well as iOS platforms, It won’t require a jailbreak for iOS devices, this app store is more than anyone could ask for premium apps and games. It has vast collection paid app for free for almost smart devices.

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8. AppTrackr: Free Apps!!

Next, we have Apptrackr which provides its users cracked iOS apps for iPhone and iPad devices. AppTrackr entitles to deliver ‘intelligent application lifestyle management’ and is a decent choice for those peoples who have already jail-broken their iPhone or iPad.

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9. Mevvy: Discover Apps by Interest group

This is one app store which you can rely on if you want to discover the best and most popular free apps as Mevvy is a searching channel to find all free mobile apps. It can be used on almost any device that you own and discover the world of free Apps.

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10. iTongPush:

This app is one of the best platforms for downloading and installing IPA file just like iFunbox. It contains a unlimited number of cool apps and games. And it considered being easiest and safe apps store to download apps if you are looking for an alternative to vShare.

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