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Men Who Dress Casual and Look Great

The trends that move along the theme of how to dress casual, always differ from each other and the truth in Dressing Well we believe that there are no bad ways to dress, there are wrong ways to combine, or to use silhouettes in clothes that do not They are …

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How to Fight Anxiety: 10 Practical Strategies


Anxiety is a state of restlessness of a diffuse nature. The anxious person feels expectant, as if something negative would happen, which keeps her in a state of permanent alarm and prevents her from relaxing. However, he cannot explain what or why he feels that way. In many cases, the …

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9 Yoga Exercises for Beginners


Do you want to start doing yoga at home, and do not know which positions to begin with? I recommend you try these yoga postures for beginners, and for everyone! Remember to listen to your body, and do not do more than what you ask, do not force it. With …

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